Frequently Asked Questions

01. Does the membership fee AUTOMATICALLY renew?
No. At the end of one year your account will indeed expire and after your expiration date you will have the option to resubscribe under under your profile.
02. I am a paid member with the website but the system keeps telling me I must pay in order to access the courses, what is going on? Why can’t I access the courses even though I paid?
Just about all the time this means that the user created multiple accounts and that the account they paid for is not the account they are currently using. The website mentions to log-out of the website and close all the windows after paying and that the next time they login – their account will indeed be marked as being paid and active. The solution is to logout and close all the windows and log back into the website using the other account they created previously – the account they paid for
03. I am having problems looking at the course materials? I can see the test but not the course information? Nothing happens when I click on the course materials?
In order to support the highest resolution graphics to provide the best learning experience most of our courses are in the Adobe Acrobat Reader format. When you open the actual course another window will open and the course will appear using the Acrobat Reader which has been distributed with computers now for the last 6 to 10 years. This is a free application and is available for various computers at then go to downloads and then download and install the latest release of Acrobat Reader for your computer. After installing this on your computer please close all windows and then reboot your machine – then you should be all set.
04. I can’t see the CEU Certificates. How do I print the CEU Certificates? Where do I see a list of courses that I have completed? I am licensed in 2 states, how do I get CEU Certificates for more than one state?
The courses are all listed under your profile. Login to the website using the user ID and password you created and paid for when registering on RN.ORG. Then click on My Profile on the lower left side of the page. At the top of the page is the information about your account with your name, address, license number and state and associated information. Below this will be your transcript which includes a list of course you have taken, the date and the score. If you passed the courses with a score above 70 then to the right there will be a button or link to View/Print your certificate. Clicking here will open another window which will show your certificate. The date and name of the course is static but you can change your license information at any time by changing this information in your profile. Once changed in your profile this will appear the next time you print your certificate. If you do not see your transcript at the bottom of the page – then you are not scrolling down to the bottom of the page using the scroll bar on the window on the right side (or left side depending on your browser). If you don't see the courses, hold the SHIFT key and click the browser REFRESH button. Another possibility is that this account you are logged into doesn’t have any courses associated with it and you actually took the courses under another account. Make sure your account is marked as being paid – and that the expiration date is in the future of today’s date.
05. How long do I have access to my transcript and certificates under my profile?
As long as you are a paid member you will have access this information. If you account is not paid you will not have access to this information. This information will be purged from the system after 2 years unless you continue to be a member in good standing.
06. Why do I get an error message when I submit my test for a grade?
This is because your internet connection was disconnected while taking a test. When you login to the website using your user ID and password the system knows who you are. When you start taking a test - the system still remembers this information. If during the test your internet connection is disconnected for security reasons your account will be automatically logged out. So when you hit the "Submit for a Grade" button the system will not know who you are since you are not logged into the system and present you with an error. If your internet service provider (ISP) continues to time out your internet connection you might want to try writing down your answers and then going back and entering them at one time before your ISP time outs your connection.
07. Are your courses ANCC approved?
No and they don't need to be. Not all states accept ANCC approval for example, California and Florida requires that specific courses must be taken from an approved provider by their respective state board of Nursing. ANCC is part of the ANA which is not regulated by the State Boards of Nursing.
08. Why don't you offer large courses of 15 - 30 Contact Hours per course?
We offer hundreds of hours online. When we started the website we had courses of 10-15 Contact Hours each but so many people complained that they didn't want to be bogged down in one course for an entire day and many times were extremely bored so we changed the whole concept to offer a large selection of small courses which can be taken quickly and since the subject material keeps changing this make the pace much more interesting and less boring. Many people like the idea of taking a course while a Starbucks or while the kids are sleeping in the afternoon while others sit down and crack out 20 Contact Hours in one day.
09. Why do I get duplicate key when I try to login?
This is because you are clicking on New User Register Here and trying to create an account using a username that already exists. You only need to click on New User Register Here once to initially create your account. Then you need to login by entering your username in the first white box next to the Username: prompt and then entering your password right below in the next white box next to the Password: prompt and then click the Submit button right below.
10. CE Broker isn't receiving my course completions? Why are my course completions not getting to CE Broker?
We submit continuing education earned to CE Broker electronically for paid subscribers. Incomplete or incorrect registration information does not get uploaded. Then it would be the healthcare provider's responsibility to print and maintain the certificates in case of audit. It is imperative that your license information is correct including your profession, state licensed in and your license number as listed on your nursing license. is not responsible for any submissions and or errors in submission. The information we have in our files is what gets sent to CE Broker.
11. Why can't I print or copy my certificates?
Make sure you have pop-up windows enabled in your browser then login to your paid account using a computer and click on My Profile. From there you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see your transcript. To the right of the courses you completed you will see your score and if your score is above 70 you will see the option to Print/View Certificate. Once you click on this button a window will open and you will see your Certificate on your computer monitor. You may then highlight your certificate and copy it or you can print the windows with the certificate from within your browser.
12. Why don't I see my grade or courses completed?
Once you click on Submit for a Grade you will immediately see your score along with the questions you missed and then the course information will be saved under My Profile on the bottom under My Transcript. If the score is 71 or above you will see an option on the right to Print/View Certificate. Your computer must have pop-up windows enabled as when you click on this button another window will open that contains the actual certificate.